Quick and to the point news for the suburbs of Toronto.
With history dating back to 2003, Newsbrief is the flagship news bulletin from SRN National News and Current Affairs aired at 8:30 pm (Eastern Time) each Thursday. It's also repeated through the weekend.
Since its inception, Newsbrief bulletins and its weather updates are compiled and presented by Phillip Hong.
Special updates and bulletins alerting you to severe weather systems are also compiled in addition to the regular bulletins on Thursday as events develop. The charm of Newsbrief is to be as straightforward as possible without wasting your time, focusing on Main Street rather than just Bay Street.
Newsbrief is aired on a regular basis on SRN One and stations affiliated with Network 1KX, an internet radio network.
Text Archive
Missed the news? Catch up here! We have at text archive of scripts from previous editions of Newsbrief.
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