Headlines for the week of 3 January, 2008
Slain teenager named with permission
A 14-year old girl who was murdered on New Years Day has been named after her parents' consent. Stefanie Rengel was the daughter of two Toronto Police officers, and the suspects apprehended are fifteen and seventeen years old respectively.
Rengel was the first murder victim of 2008.
Chrysler is #2
Chrysler is now number two in Canada, outpacing Ford in selling cars. An increase of 5.5 percent in sales were recorded last year, bumping Ford off that position.
GO Transit strike averted
GO Transit riders should consider alternate routes, a communique from the agency said, on the verge of a bus drivers' strike. Trains will continue to run as they're operated by CN.
(Since airing, the strikers' union and management have reached a deal, and the strike has been averted for the near-term.)
The weather for York Region: A warmup expected with rain on the way. Temperatures jumping to as high as 12 during early next week.
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