Headlines for the week of 10 January, 2008
Violent turbulence on AC flight
Passengers have been arriving at Toronto Pearson airport after a torrendous flight from Victoria that required an emergency landing in Calgary. The AIr Canada flight was on its way to Toronto originally from Victoria when reports emerged that the plane hit violent turbulence, injuring as many as ten.
After an emergency landing in Calgary, passengers that were cleared by health staff continued on different flights back to Toronto. Passengers have thanked the crew for professionally handling the incident.
High speed rail study for Windsor-Quebec City corridor
The Premiers of Ontario and Quebec have announced a plan to develop a high speed rail link between Quebec City and Windsor. Premier McGuinty of Ontario and Charest of Quebec said that they'd spend $2 million for a project study.
"Letters for Santa" culprits caught
Canbada Post has been known for operating a volunteer-run "Letters for Santa" program. They've found the suspects, who sent out ten letters to children from the Santa program that contained rude and inappropriate content. Minors were identified as the culprits, which shut down Santa's workshop for more than a day.
The weather for York Region: Variable clouds for the weekend. High reaching the lower-end single digits.
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