We believe that Mike has the formula in regards to views: short and sweet.
Mike's Bastards was originally derived from a need to steam off on relatively common issues like politics, common irritations or the weather. If it's simple and clear to deliver, Mike has most likely voiced his opinion through this plucky segment. And within a minute of listening to one of his segments, you'll understand just as clearly too.
Only Mike can incorporate the words "Unconservative" and "Dis-un-conservative", both gramatically incorrect words, into the same sentence.
A large city needs its diversity and the suburbs of said large city needs a humble opinion like Mike's. Thankfully, Mike isn't the least bit humble, and we can justify this segment on his lack of apathy. We've banked on sitting on the fence and we're now prepared to bank at a credit union.
We don't understand what we just said either.
Mike's Bastards is aired regularly on Mornings on SRN One, and is a fixture on other shows on SRN One as well.
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