Unique music with a splash of the familiar people you know and laugh with... without being so early!
We know you're not always awake to tune to our broadcast live, so Mornings Extra was created as a podcast for you to tune in on demand. It's the best from your local morning show, put together in a way that's very hard to miss!
Phillip Hong presents Mornings Extra; an unnatural choice due to the cheesy accents he brings to the table. You'll also hear people other than Phil, quite obviously, because the morning show is more than him rambling around. Watch out for favourite segments like Mike's Bastards, combined with indie artists that are true to our playlist - no filler or artificial preservatives.
Bring us with you, on your phone or mp3 player! We'll release a shortened copy of what you missed once a week or so. Excluding holidays and days off. Only at participating locations.
Tune in by clicking here.
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