The unheralded heroes of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics
Frank Cotolo
The 2010 Winter Olympics have come to a close but that isn't stopping winter from hurling a wrath of rough weather through North America. More blizzard conditions have swept through the continent than soldiers during the French and Indian Wars, though some are skeptical about that particular analogy.
In Vancouver, the 2010 Winter Olympics began with a lack of winter weather, which is odd for the Pacific Northwest, where blizzard conditions have been know to sweep through that part of the continent with the regularity of a coffee turnover at Starbucks (no complaints yet about that analogy, which was carefully selected since Starbucks began in the Pacific Northwest).
The 2010 Winter Olympics went on with all events, indoor and outdoor, and amazing things happened. By now you have heard all of the accomplishments and have applauded all the heralded heroes and heroines of the games. But I am here to give testimony to those who performed with unequalled greatness, though they have not and may never win a medal.
If you were watching closely, as I was watching, some losers were fantastic to witness, though at the time no one knew they were losers. All of the competitors were top performers in their events, even though some were embarrassed by hundredths of seconds.
For instance, take the Alpine Skiing Final on Feb. 14. Cornelius Patronsaint was Standovia's pride and joy, having won the 2010 Fanobala Final last summer, breaking all non-winter skiing records. On Feb. 14, Patronsaint decided that a large growth surfacing on his thigh was not enough to keep him from competing. As fate would have it, the growth burst due to his tight uniform and cost him a good four seconds in the event.
In the Biathlon, the team from Wandabbe Nation's team showed up naked. The team's captain claimed he misunderstood when the team joined the event. He thought it was a "Bath-a-thon", an event the quintet had won in African competitions for six years in a row. Later, they demonstrated indoors and were spectacular. The Olympic committee is considering creating a Bathathon [sic] event for the summer games.
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