Interview: Sore Eyes
What got this band together and started in this business?
I myself (Jeremiah) and Shi, met through a mutual friend. We were both looking for band members and we had a good chemistry, so everything worked itself out from there.
Who writes and produces all the material for the band?
We all collectively write together. When we come up with a solid idea we bring it to the table and present it to each other. Then we critique it to what we feel is the song's fullest potential. As far as producing goes, Brett Hestla did our first EP, and Andrew Wade produced our EP that is coming out sometime within the next couple months. Both of the guys were great and each of them taught us all a whole lot.
Has the band played in front of or with any acts our readers would know from the mainstream?
Yes, we've actually been very blessed to play with some amazing national acts, like Shinedown, Framing Hanley, Sevendust, Hoobastank, Chevelle, Boys like Girls and many more. We have some big shows coming up as well this summer with Saving Abel, and Shinedown just to name a few.
Where can people access your music on the web?
You can get our stuff at
Any embarrassing moments on stage?
Hmm, I've had one myself. I went to jump up on the drum riser. Well at the edge of the riser there were a bunch of cables. Cables are like ice when you hit them and they roll underneath your feet. My feet went out from underneath me and I came crashing down face first onto the drumset... whoops! This is a really good question for Shi...
Who are the band's musical influences?
That's a good question, our influences come from a wide range. We all listen to tons of different music, but the influences that shine through our music would be The Used, Paramore, 4 Years Strong, Papa Roach, All American Rejects, Saosin and a little bit of The Beatles. There's more than that show in our music but those are definitely the most prominent.
How did the band get together?
Like I said Shi and I met through a mutual friend. We went through a few members before we got the ones we have now. Definitely happy, we were so picky.
What is your musical background like?
I was in a couple of bands before I met Shi. Nothing super serious, but we were young and thought we were going to be huge.
Any other members in your family that are musicians?
Not any that are close immediate family. I'm sure there are some cousins or someone out there that I don't know about.
What is the top reason why you want to play music?
It's what I was put on this earth to do. It's my love.
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