September 2010
In a world where a genre is reliant on screaming and instrumental disasters, Drive Faster is rather a breath of fresh air. They provide a sound that's energetic and inspiring. You don't need earplugs to enjoy its rebellious feel.
The biggest problem I have these days when it comes to politics is my desire for Rep. Michele Bachmann. I think she is quite a woman, a good looker who is not afraid to display her feminine qualities with fine makeup and clothing.
There's no real reason (that got this band together) other than the fact that our lives are completely consumed by music. It's the most important part of each day, it means a lot to us and we want to share it with other people.
They started jamming and decided to look for a singer and drummer. It was pretty casual at first, but after Justin suggested Brenden, his brother, for a singer, it became apparent that they had something good going.
We had a good chemistry, so everything worked itself out from there. We all collectively write together. When we come up with a solid idea we bring it to the table and present it to each other. Then we critique it to what we feel is the song's fullest potential.
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