November 2010
Interview: Ricky Fugitt
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What is your musical background like?
I am pretty much the only one in my family growing up that was involved in music... not sure how it happened but I am sure glad it did! My first show was a talent show in high school, singing "The Dance" by Garth Brooks... from then I started hitting Opry houses singing with those bands and eventually began singing and playing on my own, and writing my own material.
Any other members in your family that are musicians?
Well my daughter plays violin and my other daughter plays the trumpet... and my two year old son swears he is a drummer!
What is the top reason why you want to play music?
I can't imagine doing anything else... it just fits me and it's what I love.
What has been your best show?
I think the shows that I get to do that have a roster of bands performing are my favorites. Hanging backstage and swapping stories and making new friends.
My first show opener was for Jason Boland at Zops Festival in Abilene, TX thanks to Mr. JB Cloud. I only sang one song but it was my first radio release and Abilene was the first to ever hear it on the mainstream... it was so cool to hear a sold out crowd sing you lyrics to a song you wrote. Was just me and my guitar in front of thousands... that is one of my favorites.
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