Phillip Hong
28 July, 2006
You can never really finish a first trip to Hong Kong without getting a look of Hong Kong's fine skyline. This first world city has seen many innovations on how the city runs, but there is a streetcar that still has been tugging tourists and residents even after all these years of evolution.
The breathtaking view of Hong Kong's skyline can be seen by taking The Peak Tram up to a hill most simply known as The Peak (or Victoria Peak). Of course, there are other interesting attractions of this "peak" than you would imagine on a hill top.
McDonalds, anyone?
When I visited the shopping centre on the Peak, given the fact I just arrived from Mainland China, I felt that I was "home" again. The place reminded me of a Canadian mall, but more compact. I almost kissed the floor I stood on, but was too busy in awe.
In the front of The Peak's shopping centre, there is a little waterfront display. Apparently, it has motion censors, so every time you walk off it, it shoots water up from little holes in the ground. Blatantly ignoring this fact by walking on the ground whatever the heck it was, the water that shot up scared me into the entrance of the mall.
Of course, the shopping centre does not just an aggressive waterworks display. Tourists flocked to the gift shops and other interesting places that sold merchandise like paper fans and fake Hong Kong road insignia.
Hark. The shopper has arrived to his Mecca.
Streetcar. Or tram. Either term works.
Getting up to The Peak was half the excitement. Given The Peak's steep hill, riding on its tram requires a somewhat strong will. For those who are afraid of heights, look up.
There are a few stops along the way, which is quite unusual given the really steep angle. Nonetheless, these stops inbetween sit on a level platform, so residents shalln't worry about falling off The Peak. When I arrived up at The Peak, however, the view was a photographer's paradise. Tourists shot endless pictures of the place. Let's hope these tourists carried digital cameras. I believe that riding the steep, steep, hill was worth the view.
Of course, this view is especially romantic. Except I wasn't able to enjoy it, accounting the fact that I was single at the time.
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