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The cobblestones and the old architecture will make you feel like you're in Europe but the constant chatter from folks who speak Cantonese, and Mandarin from Mainland Chinese visiting will completely bring you back to reality like a slingshot.
Should I be in awe about its spectacular ceiling, or its interesting selection of restaurants that include the North American favourites (McDonalds, Starbucks Coffee)? What I did was on the subtle side, a little troubling. I decided to sit at the rail lobby to watch the passengers go by.
Taipei 101's construction reminded me of those paintings from Ancient China that you might find at the local museum. Designs resembling a cloud are scattered everywhere within the mall's foundation. For a second I felt like I was on Cloud Number Nine.
You can never really finish a first trip to Hong Kong without getting a look of Hong Kong's fine skyline. This first world city has seen many innovations on how the city runs, but there is a streetcar that still has been tugging riders even after all these years of evolution.
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