Phillip Hong
10 November, 2008
It was a long way up but the Ruins of St. Paul ("Ruinas de Sao Paolo") were worth the long walk.
The cobblestones and the old architecture will make you feel like you're in Europe but the constant chatter from folks who speak Cantonese, and Mandarin from Mainland Chinese visiting will completely bring you back to reality like a slingshot.
There is a long and winding road that is laden with cobblestones and outlets of all kinds peddling their food, beauty products and clothing. These stores are coupled with old mom and pop establishments with well-lined people showing their crafts like Portugal still administered Macau as its colony.
It's an old world charm that is slowly disappearing away as the people start to change.
I am not too sure what to say about the 7-Eleven sitting half-way between my starting point and the ruins. Some may argue that the culture through this path is simply not there, but it can also been seen as a useful piece of space as resident Macanese are able to continue their daily lives.
Once I reached the summit, it spoke genuine of its title as the unofficial centre of tourism in Macau. A church once stood here many centuries ago during Portugese rule but due to a fire in its later years, all that remains is a defiant wall.
The historical city of Macau is a one-hour ferry ride from several points in Hong Kong and nearby Mainland China. Most nationalities can get in visa-free and due to its reputation as a popular gambling destination, one may find quite a few tourists.
Some may find a Macau getaway a one day trip, an overnight stay or even a stopover on the way to a third destination due to its relatively new international airport. Macau has the unique status of being the first and last jurisdiction to be colonised by Europeans, predating Hong Kong by a couple centuries.
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