People around the world have their own cultures, their own values, that are distinct from everyone else. Qualities that are unique and different due to the basis of human migration.

Travel today is probably a modernised version of this "human migration". No matter the purpose, no matter the date, people will always have to calm that inner nerve in their soul by seeing new worlds and new cultures.

A product of this migration is cultural perception. The fact that people will always have a preconcieved thought about what life should look like stimulates a variety of emotions. A person can feel in many different ways just by reacting to what they see out of their norm, by using their perception, their outlook on things. It's only human to have notions with contrasting feelings. We all are human after all. But I'm different.

Hello. I'm Phillip Hong, and I travel with an open mind.

From toilets that flush the ocean at your fingertips to basins that require kneeling in order to pass nature's rear goodness into an outside moat, I have been through it all.

And MY notion into travel involves experiencing the normal life of other cultures, not just bringing a pre-concieved mind into them. My journeys aren't very useful in information, but it is a travelogue that incorporates life.

This is The Travelling Briefcase.
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