26 February, 2010
For Canadians, it was an event on home turf that will be hard to forget. For Frank Cotolo, there's much more to talk about than just the usual bland coverage.
18 September, 2009
...because Tylenol kills pain so well, a liver can be nonfunctional for months before a person feels any pain.
24 May, 2009
For the first time in years there have been technical problems; the technicians are kicking out the proverbial jams to be sure servers do indeed serve.
So I was walking down Hollywood Boulevard with Dudley Moore, looking for the theater playing the hot new sci-fi thriller Vytorin vs. Lipitor...
Lots of people, tons, in fact, want to know more about Restless Johnny Wakeloose, the host and pilot of the Green Room. Here is some bio information.
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