In the storied life of Frank Cotolo come many tales fueled by a host of acquaintances from various walks of life.
"When I was going to grade school, my mother began to wonder if I was stupid. She had suspected such a state for me when I was in my pre-school years..."
A diverse collection of short stories, poetry, musings, facts, fiction and recipes for living life to it's funniest.
"There are a number of reasons why the contents of this book are so diversified. Unfortunately, I cannot truly come up with one. But the title should awaken a reader to the contrasts involved in the contents."
A collection of short stories and observations concerning history, geography, travel, foreign lands, people and other noteworthy stuff.
"Nothing will ever be as beautiful and luring as the shining of the moon over a land mass surrounded by water. In every ocean that sits on planet earth, the moon rules the ground..."
A collection of stories featuring "the detective known to everybody as someone else." It is filled with dialogue, drama and loads of laughs in the tradition of classic detective fiction.
"Sixteen monks left the monastery screaming bloody murder."
It's THE shop for clothing, stickers, anything with artwork by Frank's son - Jack Cotolo - on it. He's a central Pennsylvanian artist trying to bring the public some good designs at a modest price.
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