Shows (A-Z)
Cotolo Chronicles
Off to the hallelujah trail with our generalissimo of talk. Two hours of Cotolo, uncut. Thursdays, 9 pm.
Frank Cotolo's Green Room
There's nothing less local than his accent, but there's nothing more local than his show. Thursdays from 8 pm.
Hot Spot Radio
Join Thuban and Bolo for one of the most extensive playlists you'll ever hear online. Wednesdays from 9 pm.
The Joel Michalec Show
Veteran broadcaster and entertainer Joel Michalec is joined by his wife The Lovely Sharen. 11 am and 11 pm.
Mornings on SRN One
Our flagship show, with features, news and great music put together in the simplest of bundles. Weekends, 9 am.
North American Harness Update
The most informative look at the latest in the harness racing industry with a passionate duo. Fridays from 9 pm.
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