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Discovering little-known laws
Frank Cotolo
April 20, 2017
Just when we thought we may have found every strange law that exists in this world, new searches have discovered more laws that many people don't know about. So, we continue in this section to reveal some laws that are awkward, often incredible, but official.
In Rennes, France, no one is permitted to eat soup out of a beret.
Stiff fines will be given to anyone in Budapest, Hungary, if they are found on the second story of any building with a hammer in each hand.
Nowhere in the entire country of Iceland is it legal to chew on a map of Asia.
It is punishable by incarceration in Bangkok, Thailand, to wear a Batman costume.
Residents of Saskatoon, Canada, are subject to public humiliation in a public square if they are caught using buckets as shoes.
In the province of Manitoba, Canada, drivers cannot travel Route 6 north while breathing through a snorkel.
In Connecticut, U.S.A., no one can frame and post a photo of Tony Curtis in a gymnasium.
London, Great Britain, ordinances prohibit members of an orchestra, by strict definition, to gather in Trafalgar Square.
Cities in Ireland that begin with the letter "D" will severely fine any tourist that claims his or her favorite color is plaid.
On Sundays in the state of Oregon, U.S.A., you cannot bake chocolate chip cookies.
In Brazil, South America, Swiss cheese cannot be used as a weapon under any circumstances.
In most of New Zealand (check for exact locations), no one can legally change their family name without expressed permission from the local government and a background check for criminal activity.
On the Hawaiian Islands, U.S.A., homeless people cannot rent a living space because they cannot afford it. The law indicates that if a homeless person or persons can afford to have a home, they no longer qualify to be labeled homeless and must live in the premises they can afford, though cooking while on a sailboat can result in a stiff fine.
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