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The think tank correlation, part two
June 29, 2017
We continue with the transcript of a think tank with five minus one mathematicians and the topic: Is it better to know a lot about a little or a little about a lot?
The think tank correlation, part one
June 22, 2017
Recently, in a think tank with five minus one mathematicians, the topic was posed: Is it better to know a lot about a little or a little about a lot?
More new metaphysics
June 15, 2017
There are fresh thinkers and their voices are resonating throughout the 21st century, shaking the concepts of philosophy's abstruse branches.
Fairchild U commencement address
June 8, 2017
I was invited to give a Commencement Address. Honored and bewildered, I put on my graduation gown and stood before Fairchild University in New Mexico.
Alternate endings of movie 'Love Story'
June 1, 2017
Erich Segal's smash novel, Love Story, is a tearjerker. It's a simple story about a boy (Oliver) and girl (Jenny) from entirely different backgrounds.
TV cancelled during first episodes
May 25, 2017
Not many people are aware that there were at least 10 programs that networks praised after viewing the pilot, then cancelled during the first episode's airing.
Creating the modern farmer
May 18, 2017
I was hired by the Department of Agriculture to help encourage traditional farmers to accept modern farming techniques. Here is the text of that speech.
More horoscope predictions
May 11, 2017
Most astrology forecasts are so general that it is impossible to take them seriously. Once in a while, along comes a day's prediction that hits every note correctly.
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