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Rogue planet plagues scientists
April 26, 2018
NASA's Spitzer space telescope found the strange planet, which was named CFBDSIR J214947.2-040308.9 but which one scientist called, simply, Bud.
Blurring star images
April 19, 2018
We like to feel that a big part of attaining celebrity is due to perfection. The "star" of any particular field must have an image that is not an image at all.
Rise of Humpty Dumpty's fall part two
April 12, 2018
We continue with the list and descriptions of Reginald B. Spacey's collection of studies in his volumes documenting the life and legend of as Humpty Dumpty.
Rise of Humpty Dumpty's fall part one
April 5, 2018
No nursery rhyme has ever been more analyzed or scrutinized more than Humpty Dumpty. The story of an anthropomorphic egg that sat on a wall and fell...
New screen stories in development
March 29, 2018
We have many connections in Hollywood and the film industry, all of whom are happy to leak secret intentions to produce movies in the near to far future.
An address to Uber drivers
March 22, 2018
I am still in great demand by organizations that call upon me to give inspiring talks to their members. Recently, I was invited to speak to an audience of Uber drivers.
A brief history of conspiracy theories
March 15, 2018
There is nothing new about conspiracy theories. In the history of mankind there have been scores of "alternative truths" that have popularized for political reasons.
Francodamus forecasts
March 8, 2018
There are times, though not many, when a strange and glorious feeling shakes me and inspires me to suddenly spurt predictions about things that will happen.
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