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What is a pansexual?
April 25, 2019
It's true. A recent survey revealed that two out of every six and sometimes eight out of every nine (or so) couldn't define "pansexual."
Unimaginably odd letters to editors
April 18, 2019
Newspapers have become rare in the digital age. Still, many cities and towns publish limited editions throughout the weeks, even though their circulations are weak.
Mr. Relationship returns, part two
April 11, 2019
Yes, he is back with more exceptional advice. He is me, known as Mr. Relationship. This year, like last, the title comes a great responsibility.
Overcoming bad-nights' sleeps
April 4, 2019
We have all had bad nights of sleep. We toss, we turn and sometimes we even roll off the bed. The amount of hours of actual sleep can be counted on one finger.
Remarkable film ideas, part two
March 28, 2019
Having a active personal history in stage, screen and film, I have accumulated volumes of pages briefly describing ideas for movies.
My adventures as an FBI agent, part one
March 21, 2019
Now that I can write about it, I want to give my readers a glimpse into my other life, that of an FBI agent who risked his life many times out in the field.
Son of Confucius, part four
March 14, 2019
Here is more text from the works of Confucius, Jr., a man who demanded to be known publicly as the direct ascendant of the perennially quoted Chinese philosopher.
A new claim on Amelia Earhart's fate
March 7, 2019
You would think that by now the mysterious disappearance of aviator Amelia Earhart would remain unsolved, leaving people to shrug and say, "Whatever" when hearing about it.
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