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Ask Dr. W: where not to find blood
September 28, 2017
Once again it's time to confer with Dr. Adrian Wellbottom for dead-on diagnoses. The popular physician and author of 56 books that matter to the young and the old.
Is it?
September 21, 2017
Some time during the last decade, the English language picked up a phrase that became enormously popular. However, English speakers should hate it.
The box controversy
September 14, 2017
For years now, we have all heard people use the phrase "Think out of the box" to explain how a person could apply fresh ideas to the thought process.
More last words of the lethally injected
September 7, 2017
Journalist and author Albert Swing recorded the last words of every person being executed since the injection method began in the 1970s.
Think like a King
August 31, 2017
Larry King's newspaper column once ran in thousands of newspapers. Now it is defunct. I am hoping to fill the void left in its departure.
Lecturing losers
August 24, 2017
Coming down from the high of winning millions is tough, requiring a stay at the Mega-Million-Dollar Winners Reformatory. I was asked to speak there.
Me, as Sagittarius
August 17, 2017
Astrology experts swear that the description of my birth sign truly describes my personality. I tend to agree about the good stuff described in a SagittarianŐs profile.
The truly fast and furious Lamborghini
August 10, 2017
I'm what you may call a "gearhead," which is someone who loves fast cars, especially those not made in America, where fast cars get you speeding tickets quickly.
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