Column Chronicles
Nick Cretin P.I.E.: The muggy evening
March 30, 2023
It came as no surprise to Nick Cretin, P.I.E. (private investigator extraordinaire) that the evening would be muggy. It was always that way...
Immunity through vitamins and more
March 23, 2023
No one is stronger than the person with the best immune system. It is often said by nutritionists, "To beat a disease is one thing but to never get it at all is another."
If Dadaists wrote celeb bios, chapter 46
March 16, 2023
How would a biography read if written by the art and literature movement based on deliberate irrationality and the negation of traditional artistic values?
Brain Scrambler challenges
March 9, 2023
Everyone loves a good riddle, so this year we continue to host perplexing tests of our readers' mental abilities with old-fashioned brain scramblers. These are tough.
R. Shattersmith finds peril on the high seas
March 2, 2023
Anywhere I go on Earth, I, Riff Shattersmith, have become part of unexpected adventures. These are testimonies to such events.
Grandson of Confucius
February 23, 2023
Though not always as successful as his grandfather, the son of the son of Confucius wrote a lot and recently some of his sayings were collected for a book.
Amazing new laws
February 16, 2023
Legal standards change regularly in countries, provinces, cities, towns and hamlets. Here are some of the newest and strangest entries.
Speech for the Pizza Lovers Convention
February 9, 2023
I see a diverse audience and that is good because long ago pizza was only available to the poorest people in Italy. The origins of pizza are found in its definition.
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