Column Chronicles
More King-sized thoughts
May 28, 2020
I have been trying to convince publications that a King-like column, filled only with King's unique gems, could still be a winner. Here are more King-sized thoughts.
Mr. Matchmaker
May 21, 2020
They call me Mr. Matchmaker because I can find a mate. Just write to me and I will guide you to happiness. Here are some exchanges with successful matches.
Celebrities I warmly recall
May 14, 2020
I have had the honour in the length of my lifetime to meet many celebrated people from many areas of life. Some of my remembrances are written below.
Obituary of Luke Stiffano
May 7, 2020
I did not know Luke until I met him. A guy named Vito, who I owed a few bucks for a loan on my recent adopted kid from North Korea, introduced Luke to me.
Movie sequels you'll never see
April 30, 2020
My sources in Hollywood have told me that there are a bunch of movie sequels that have been already made but will never be released. Here is that list...
Francodamus on the future yet again
April 23, 2020
There are some times when a feeling goes through me and suddenly I spurt predictions and, in a hypnotic state, they are predictions of things to come.
Ask Dr. Shrink, again
April 16, 2020
His name is still Wendell Pencilmark and he claims to be one of the best psychiatrists in the field today - and some think tomorrow. Wendell is known to as Dr. Shrink.
Speech to the Soup Association
April 9, 2020
One of my many sideline jobs is public speaking. Recently, I was hired to give a speech to the National Soup Association (NSA), which met in Lancaster, PA.
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