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Remarkable film ideas, part four
September 26, 2019
Having an active personal history in stage, screen and film, I have accumulated volumes of pages briefly describing ideas for movies. Here are some of my film ideas...
Francodamus continues to forecast
September 19, 2019
As I wrote before and again before that, there are times when a strange and glorious feeling goes through me and suddenly I spurt predictions in a hypnotic state.
Even more notes from my diary
September 12, 2019
There was a pony on my porch this morning. It was white and it just stood there like it was supposed to be there, like it was delivered for me to own and care for and love.
My adventures as an agent, part three
September 5, 2019
After receiving a disguise from the official F.B.I. Makeup & Disguise Department, to be worn during my first perilous assignment, I slept with it on.
Getting respect means earning respect
August 29, 2019
Do you wonder sometimes, if not always, why people don't respect you? If so, you must understand that respect is not free, it must be earned.
Tracking thoughts in the brain
August 22, 2019
Scientists have been studying the brain for as long as their brains have been working. Advanced technology has helped studying human brain processes.
Tales from a Think Tank, part two
August 15, 2019
Some of the greatest minds in this world (their names undisclosed for obvious security reasons) meet annually for a Think Tank (TT) weekend.
Tales from a Think Tank, part one
August 8, 2019
Some of the greatest minds in this world meet annually. In 2019 the Think Tank took place in an undisclosed house located in Wyoming. Here are excerpts.
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