Column Chronicles
Continuing Larry King-like journalism
February 25, 2021
Larry King's column is gone. I continue to attempt to convince struggling newspapers that a King-like column, filled only with his thoughts, could still be popular.
Speaking of stress
February 18, 2021
Recently, I was hired to assist in a program for members of the Association of Stress Supervision (ASS), which met in Missouri at the Wingbang Convention Center.
Things I think
February 11, 2021
My mind is always working, thought not to my benefit. That is, I am given to so many thoughts about so many things that as hard as I try I am unable to document them all.
Researchers on prehistoric humans
February 4, 2021
There is much written about prehistoric humans and yet nothing written by prehistoric humans. Thus, much of the texts come from speculation based on crap they left behind.
Nick Cretin, P.I.E.: City of Ants
January 28, 2021
It was one of those days, like a Wednesday, when people walked in the city like ants. They were everywhere, like ants and most could lift ten times their own weights.
Ask Dr. Shrink again
January 21, 2021
His name is still Wendell Pencilmark and he claims to be one of the best psychiatrists in the field today - and some think tomorrow. Wendell is known to as Dr. Shrink.
Who invented what?
January 14, 2021
In school, most of us are taught to give credit to certain people for inventing things. There are so many men and women we do not learn about...
New celluloid legacies
January 7, 2021
The Hollywood tradition of sequels will never die. This coming year will prove that not only are sequels still popular but a trend is arising...
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