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The art of flirting, part one
July 25, 2019
Women have a natural ability when it comes to flirting. Women also enjoy flirting more than men, which brings us to the topic of men and flirting.
Original titles of famous movies
July 18, 2019
When the general public sees a motion picture's finished product, the general public accepts that everything about that movie was perfectly planned. Not so.
Unreleased rock albums
July 11, 2019
Many Rock and Roll acts from the beginning of the genre have released best-selling albums, as you know, but many of those same acts also released flops.
Remarkable film ideas, part three
July 4, 2019
Having an active personal history in stage, screen and film, I accumulated volumes of pages briefly describing ideas for movies. Here are some ideas...
Son of Confucius, part five
June 27, 2019
Here is more text from the works of Confucius, Jr., a man who demanded to be known publicly as the direct ascendant of his namesake...
Cities I warmly recall
June 20, 2019
There are cities everywhere where I have had great experiences that have warmed the cockles of my heart. Here are some thoughts on those cities.
Ask Dr. Shrink, two
June 13, 2019
His name is still Wendell Pencilmark and he claims to be one of the best psychiatrists in the field today - and some think tomorrow. Wendell is known to as Dr. Shrink.
Failed biographies in print...
June 6, 2019
Even avid readers are unaware of some biographies that bombed shortly after their publications. Here is a list of some published failures that began with high hopes.
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