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Farewell fine annum
December 20, 2018
he following is a speech I have given to people of all ages in a few small towns across North America as an homage to the passing year. That's it for 2018.
Sneak preview of screen stories being developed
December 13, 2018
All the time, our connections in Hollywood and the film industry leak secret intentions to produce movies in the near to far future. All of them have working titles.
Francodamus forecasts, part four
December 6, 2018
There are some times when a strange and glorious feeling goes through me and suddenly I spurt predictions and they are predictions of things to come...
Narcissism connected to jokes, study shows
November 29, 2018
Recently, a survey was taken concerning Narcissism and certain forms of jokes. A lesser journalist would tell you that there is nothing funny about the results.
Fallen lottery winners
November 22, 2018
People who play lotteries to become rich and hit the lotteries and become rich rarely know how to handle money and fall into destitution very soon after.
Some original, historic jazz clubs
November 15, 2018
I have done a lot of things for a living but one of the most satisfying, if not the best paying jobs, was playing jazz in small, smelly, smoky clubs.
Speaking to prospective politicians
November 8, 2018
I am still in great demand by organizations that meet in damp garages to give inspiring talks, exciting their members, who seem to excel after one of my speeches.
Even more last words of the lethally injected
November 1, 2018
In states of America where capital punishment is legal, the preferred method of death is an injection of a lethal substance. This became the precedent in the 1970s.
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