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Son of Confucius, part five
October 31, 2019
Here is more text from the works of Confucius, Jr., a man who demanded to be known publicly as the direct ascendant of his namesake, the philosopher.
Diets may be dangerous says author
October 24, 2019
Lots of people are overweight and all of them should seriously consider going on diets to lose weight. Obesity may kill a person, especially if they are too big to live.
My speech to Organ Donors
October 17, 2019
One of my many sideline jobs is public speaking. Recently, I was hired to give a speech to the National Organ Donors Association (NODA) which met in Chicago, Illinois.
My adventures as an FBI agent, part four
October 10, 2019
Here is another glimpse into my other life, that of an FBI agent who risked his life out in the field. I sat quietly on a wooden seat at a table in Little Jimmy's...
Ask Dr. Shrink, three
October 3, 2019
His name is still Wendell Pencilmark and he claims to be one of the best psychiatrists in the field today - and some think tomorrow.
Remarkable film ideas, part four
September 26, 2019
Having an active personal history in stage, screen and film, I have accumulated volumes of pages briefly describing ideas for movies. Here are some of my film ideas...
Francodamus continues to forecast
September 19, 2019
As I wrote before and again before that, there are times when a strange and glorious feeling goes through me and suddenly I spurt predictions in a hypnotic state.
Even more notes from my diary
September 12, 2019
There was a pony on my porch this morning. It was white and it just stood there like it was supposed to be there, like it was delivered for me to own and care for and love.
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