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Latest apps look exciting
July 26, 2018
Every day of the week in the world of technology, thousands of people are developing new "apps" that they hope will catch on and make them billionaires.
More new developing screen stories
July 19, 2018
Our connections in Hollywood and the film industry have leaked more secret intentions to produce movies in the near to far future.
Francodamus forecasts, part two
July 12, 2018
As I wrote in part one, there are some times when a strange and glorious feeling goes through me and suddenly I spurt predictions...
Auto memories
July 5, 2018
Automobiles have never been objects of my affection. I never had any luck with cars of any kind. For instance, my first car was a Japanese car.
Letters to the blog
June 28, 2018
People who have been reading this blog have been known to send me letters with comments and suggestions. Here are some we recently received.
Strange laws, continued
June 21, 2018
Every civilized country can show you laws on the books that seem weird. Most of the weird laws in cities have origins no one seems to recall.
International cities I warmly recall
June 14, 2018
There are cities in this world, where I have had great experiences that have warmed the cockles of my heart. Here are some thoughts on those cities.
Son of Confucius, part four
June 7, 2018
Here is more text from the works of Confucious, Jr., a man who demanded to be known publicly as the direct ascendant of his namesake.
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