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Global superstitions
March 26, 2020
In every corner of civilization there are beliefs that good or bad luck will surface under certain circumstances. Here are some superstitions on Earth.
My favourite cities of the world
March 19, 2020
I have travelled the Seven Seas, only to discover I cannot memorize their names, and I have been around the world twice from each side of the Equator.
Obituary of Robert Tension
March 12, 2020
I didn't know Robert Tension until I met him. We were introduced when he moved nearby my home, also a house. The houses we lived in made us neighbours.
Diary notes of the rich and famous
March 5, 2020
Notable figures have kept diaries through history. Now, thanks to manipulative reporting, we're to publish passages of writings of historic figures.
Questionable quotes
February 27, 2020
It is not easy to say something wise and brief but a lot of people try. All of the best quoted lines are credited to people who knew what they said imparted inspiration.
Advanced brain scramblers
February 20, 2020
Who does not love a good riddle? Now and again we will host some fun but perplexing tests of our readers' mental abilities with good, old-fashioned brain scramblers.
New strange laws passed in the world
February 13, 2020
Every civilized country, even the US, passes laws that are so weird they are rarely enforced but not always ignored. Over the decades I have collected many laws...
World's worst comedian, part two
February 6, 2020
The phenomena of Emile Strep, voted three years in a row as the Worst Stand-Up Comedian Of Modern Times, is the hottest performance ticket in the U.S. right now.
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