Speech to Spaghetti Lovers!
One of the most popular speeches I gave this year was to the North American Spaghetti Lovers of the World (NASLW). Here is a transcript: Good afternoon spaghetti lovers. [screams] Hello to the pro-pasta people. [applause] I'm a proud pasta person like all of you. [shouts] I am happy to be here at this International Spaghetti Day celebration...
Click here for more of the transcript.
Riddles for riddle-challenged
If you're the kind of person who for one reason or another cannot solve riddles, we have developed special riddles for you, riddles you can always solve...
Painting with dust
POP4 Summer is a journey by masterful artistic pop/rock songwriters/performers Kirk Adams, KC Bowman, Scott McPherson and Andrea Perry, which you must go through to get out - or more explicitly, be released.
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