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Predictions for 2016
December 24, 2015
I have a special gift that allows me to evaluate everything that happened in the year passed and use it to predict things that may happen in the next year.
The drunken-sailor argument
December 17, 2015
Recently I was asked to speak to the United States Naval Academy students in a program that encourages young people to continue their participation in the Navy.
Suicide is the ultimate selfie
December 10, 2015
Polls across the world now claim that people believe terminally ill patients should have the legal right to end their own lives.
Time travel for dummies
December 3, 2015
There are scientists, mathematicians and philosophers talking more about the concept of time travel. They don't all talk to one another, mind you...
More incredible laws
November 26, 2015
The law is the law, it is said. But there are so many laws that so many people don't know about. Now, once again, here are some laws that are incomprehensible but official.
In memory of Waston Beckersmile
November 19, 2015
I stood at the podium just beside the casket, and I looked out at the wet faces, the old and young family and friends of Waston Beckersmile and I said a few words.
Meditate and become enlightened, part two
November 12, 2015
My first experience with meditation began slowly, with Swami Yami humming a single note and my derriere becoming numb from sitting on cold concrete.
Meditate and become enlightened, part one
November 5, 2015
Meditation is a wonderful exercise, though to refer to it as an exercise makes some people confused since meditation does not require any movement. Movement ruins it.
Unconfirmed last words from famous people
October 29, 2015
It's common to expect great figures of mankind to say something memorable in their final breaths but it doesn't always happen. Still, last words are attributed to many.
Failed books by great authors revealed
October 22, 2015
Recently, a group of literary historians revealed books that were painfully hidden by their authors. Some are known for having produced some of the world's classic fiction.
It's not easy being perfect
October 15, 2015
People strive to be better at being a person. However, if you are perfect, then it is a waste of time to try to become better. Being perfect isn't always so great, either.
Playing in the great outdoors
October 8, 2015
I am an outdoors person, which means I like to leave my home and go to places that are not surrounded by walls and the only ceiling is the big blue sky.
Sleeping with someone else is healthy
October 1, 2015
History tells us some of the claims made by science have caused great turmoil for mankind. But this latest scientific claim is going to make a lot of people happy.
Writing the ultimate Dadaesque prose
September 24, 2015
Most of my adult life, if not all of my child life and who knows, embryonic life, I have yearned to put into words the spirit and energy of a painting by a Dada artist.
Some of my favorite films
September 17, 2015
Some of my favorite films are abstruse works produced and performed by people that never made the mainstream league. Here are a few of my favorites.
Sleep a little more to get more done
September 10, 2015
Sleep. Not only does sleep get in the way of time that could be spent doing things but most doctors insist people get seven to nine hours of it a day.
New reports on Bonnie and Clyde
September 3, 2015
Legend and lore have surrounded the history of two dangerous killers and now even more information about them has surfaced. None or all of it may be true.
The Alien versus Predator argument
August 27, 2015
If you have seen the movie "Alien" and/or "Predator" and/or any of the sequels, you must be aware that neither of the creatures in those movies has a name.
Dumb words in the new business world
August 20, 2015
In the high-tech business world of today, you have to beware of dumb words that can muck up business concepts for the zeroes - and ones - crowd.
The British still deplore peanut butter
August 13, 2015
As long as peanut butter existed, people in Britain have overwhelmingly rejected its taste. The lovers of blood pudding have never been able to stomach the spread.
August 6, 2015
Some people cannot get enough of anything. They spend most of their waking time looking for new things to do, while their sleeping time renders them listless.
Your career may be in jeopardy
July 30, 2015
You have to be careful if you are feeling too confident because overconfidence could make you convince yourself you are doing better than you are actually doing.
The best sign you'll be rich
July 23, 2015
Just having feelings doesn't mean much but perhaps you have more than feelings, perhaps you think you are seeing signs that you will be rich with undeniable signs.
Rodeo clown, part seven
July 16, 2015
After a few years as a rodeo clown working for The Rootin' Tootin' Wildcat Rope and Revolver Rodeo I became deeply depressed. Whippy The Cowpoke noticed one day...
Nothing by the tooth
July 9, 2015
Luckily for me, organizations continually call upon me to give inspiring speeches. For some reason people are inspired by what I tell them and they excel after my speeches.
Signs you should quit your job
July 2, 2015
If you are struggling with how you make a living, the time may have come for you to quit your job. That is a scary option to most people, since it affects your income.
Studies in conflict
June 25, 2015
A new study has just been released that proves old studies have all been incorrect. This study became controversial because of the powers-that-be trying to stop it...
On passive-aggressive behavior
June 18, 2015
They say PAB (passive-aggressive behavior) is "an indirect expression of hostility." What a frikkin' insult to the marvelous art of sarcasm.
Trillions of microorganisms
June 11, 2015
How many microorganisms do you guess are living inside of us? I guess you read the title of this article so you are correct.
The legacy of wisdom
June 4, 2015
All of these insightful yet brief ingots of pure thought have led to my own, which I now am ready to share with others. Please feel free to pass on these sprinkles...
Blog success tips
May 28, 2015
If you are thinking about writing a blog you had better read this blog to find out how to write a blog because millions of people write blogs that waste space.
Negative body language shapes opinions
May 21, 2015
When we don't know someone, we make quick judgments based on negative body language and those opinions sticks with us, mostly because our brain files the information.
Twitter as a tool, part two
May 14, 2015
In a previous article, we interviewed a wise Wall Street investor about Twitter's value. We ran out of room, so here is the completion of the interview.
Steps for innovational business
May 7, 2015
Several years ago, the word psycho might have conjured up thoughts of bad behavior. Today, it's the same but when you pair the words creative, innovation and economy...
Twitter as a tool
April 30, 2015
Recently, a wise Wall Street investor was asked about Twitter's value as a company, based on its commercial usage. He promised we could interview him.
The Frog Experiment
April 23, 2015
There is a famous anecdote about a frog that many people recite when trying to make others understand the concept of changes in areas of life where adapting is difficult.
Fighting anxiety victims
April 16, 2015
There is no age when anxiety may not surface, drilling holes into plans, exploding otherwise wonderful experiences, burying hope for a safe trip to the grocery store.
Rage of the female-named hurricanes
April 9, 2015
Researchers spent a load of money and time studying hurricanes and have found that female-named hurricanes have been deadlier than those named after males.
Talking the shape of Earth
April 2, 2015
Knowing of my popular public talks to members of organizations, The Flat Earth Society asked me to speak at a dinner they held to attract new members.
The mailbag
March 26, 2015
Cotolo Chronicles receives a lot of mail and messages every week. Presented to you, some notes and thoughts from listeners and readers of my blogs and books.
Laws of the land
March 19, 2015
All provinces in Canada have strange statues that may be punishable at any time any authority decides on enforcement.
Rodeo clown, part six
March 12, 2015
As a rodeo clown I survived a great number of performers. What I had not been told when I began my performances was that rodeo work, in general, could be fatal.
Are we better off than before?
March 5, 2015
On Sundays I reflect. After all, the Bible tells us that Lord rested on Sunday, though I am still wondering why the Lord became tired at all...
Successful people pine
February 26, 2015
You would be surprised at how many notably successful people regret things they have done, things that they realize late in their lives.
Responding to a wanton windfall
February 19, 2015
Please contact me immediately. I mean so quickly that you already should have done so without reading this next sentence. I want and need that money.
Pelley, a hero in broadcast news
February 12, 2015
A speaking engagement of mine that raised eyebrows and garnered applause was my speech to the News Department of CBS when it celebrated its own Scott Pelley.
More notes from my diary
February 5, 2015
May 3 - Three lottery tickets bought today and three winners. I knew I shouldn't have bought them as a birthday present for my now very wealthy friend.
Talkin' the enviroment
January 29, 2015
In my many travels as a speaker I was honored to appear before members of the most influential environmental organization in Washington, the Sierra Club.
Provinces I love
January 22, 2015
I have been all over Canada, from east to west and from north to south. I bet you I have visited all of the provinces over a period of time yet to be determined.
Gems of gentle thought
January 15, 2015
In a world filled with negativity, I am often asked to pass along pearls of wisdom that get people motivated and charged to endeavor in positive action.
Science defied in new study
January 8, 2015
"The age of this planet," the doctor said, "is as close to what science calculates. These disbelievers offer no other age or a reason why our theories are wrong."
Add a Testament to your Last Will
January 1, 2015
A Testament is a final statement and in a final statement you can finally express things about your life and times, as well as people, in as many words as you like.
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