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Strange laws across N. America
December 4, 2014
Every country passes laws that seem strange because they deal with esoteric behavior. Still, a look at the books presents amazing acts that are illegal...
Into the mailbox
November 27, 2014
I receive a lot of mail from readers of my writing and the "Keep Out" signs I have posted all around my home. Some of the good and bad comments in this entry.
November 20, 2014
I don't often write about my mother, so this will be a rare entry and I hope you will identify with its nostalgia and warmth toward a parent we have from birth.
Grazing the rage
November 13, 2014
Obese people have been dealing with eating too much by using an old method for weight loss - eating less. When that doesn't work, they take up grazing.
Even more diary notes
November 6, 2014
Feb. 11 - Gina dropped by today and I had to tell her our relationship was over. She was angry because she came over to say it first but I beat her to it.
Even more states that I love
October 30, 2014
As you all know, at least all of you that read this column or know me personally, I have been all over the United States, from east to west, north to south.
Famous scientists' failures
October 23, 2014
If we take some top scientists that come to mind, we find their greatest achievement was among great failures in thought, study and application.
Rodeo clown, part five
October 16, 2014
All of the towns where we stopped to perform looked the same and smelled the same and all of them had a gal who lived there that was a lot like Ginger.
More notes from my diary
October 9, 2014
Aug. 5 - I'm in Oregon because this morning I had a strange urge to get into a car and drive west. The only problem is that I got into someone else's car.
Men with little
October 2, 2014
Something people would consider strange happened. A man named Elias revealed he was quitting his six-figure job and giving away all of his possessions.
Seeing Depression
September 25, 2014
Many times we are insensitive to people close to us (I mean friends and family) and we cannot identify the tenuous condition known as depression.
The know-a-lot cycle
September 18, 2014
Recently, someone said to me that these columns make too much sense and that put into question my knowledge on everything.
Sound advice about Wills
September 11, 2014
It's very important you leave behind a will. After all, you can't take it with you, or you can if it is buried with you but then why write it in the first place?
September 4, 2014
What happened? So many times that is the question we ask because when it comes to things that happen, there are only three things that come to mind.
A brief history of odd behavior
August 28, 2014
From the time mankind began being documented doing anything, people were doing things that other people considered weird.
More states I love
August 21, 2014
I have been all over the United States, from east to west and from north to south. Now, once again, I am going to write about some of the states I love.
The man who found Bigfoot
August 14, 2014
The legend of a wooly beast that remains a legend because for some odd reason, no one has produced an ounce of evidence it exists.
Rodeo clown, part four
August 7, 2014
My rodeo clown work almost killed me. The unfortunate scare took place when the show was being presented in Chloride, Arizona.
King-sized thoughts
July 31, 2014
After years of steady publication and also due to the ever-decreasing space in newspapers, Larry King's unique column has ceased to exist.
States I love
July 24, 2014
I have been all over the United States, from east to west and from north to south. I bet you I have visited all of the states over a period of time.
Defunct colleges
July 17, 2014
Many colleges over the ages have, for many reasons, ceased to exist as schools and many have ceased to exist as physical structures.
Seven regrets you may have
July 10, 2014
I don't consider myself old, I consider myself seasoned. Still, it remains true that I cannot sprint to the local saloon as quickly as I did years ago.
A novel approach
July 3, 2014
I have been working on a novel but I cannot seem to get beyond a certain point to finish it. I am now at a dead stop and about to lose my mind...
Rodeo clown, part three
June 26, 2014
A newspaper in Texas sent an entertainment editor to a show we did in Dallas, one of the biggest cities the rodeo stopped to perform.
Of blood and punches
June 19, 2014
I love the sport of boxing. A lot of people don't like to think of it as a sport and a lot of other people don't like to think of it at all.
Mom Tee and I
June 12, 2014
She was a one-woman powerhouse of assistance. Frail in her old age, sure, but she had reserve strength that could only be called divine.
Still single?
June 5, 2014
Have you exhausted all means of searching for that other person who can share your space with you? Do you feel you will always be alone?
Searching for sleep
May 29, 2014
Sleep disorders continue to haunt millions of people across the globe, provoking hundreds of studies. Some of the people studying the problems lose sleep.
Defining economic collapse
May 22, 2014
Late last year I interviewed such a man named Edward Fickle, who predicted that global financial collapse will occur this year.
A visit from the Pope
May 15, 2014
There was a knock on my front door. When I opened it to see who was there I almost fainted. I mean, who expects the Pope to come to your house?
Comedy will succeed
May 8, 2014
I recently gave a talk at the Comedy Institute For Progressive Humor, where comics from all over the world meet to talk jokes.
Super tips for grocery shopping
May 1, 2014
Regardless of my stature as a world famous broadcaster and semi-global entertainer, I sometimes have to go to the supermarket to purchase groceries.
Speaking of doctors
April 24, 2014
In another one of many public appearances, I went to Chicago to speak to members of the American Medical Association (AMA).
Spiders and I
April 17, 2014
My earliest memory of being fascinated by spiders was watching a long-legged creature cross over my diapers. I was seventeen years old.
Mr. Relationship
April 10, 2014
Having many experiences with relationships, it is no wonder that I have come to be known as Mr. Relationship. With the title comes a great responsibility.
Dreams can solve problems
April 3, 2014
During sleep, your dreams may present solutions to difficulties you are having in your life within a week after the trouble starts, researchers say.
Notes from my diary
March 27, 2014
July 13 - Sometimes life plays tricks on all of us but today life played a trick so cruel that I almost thought about joining the Coast Guard.
A collective eulogy is a cool eulogy
March 20, 2014
A few days ago someone from my legal staff came into my office and dropped a large pile of papers upon my desk. "What's this?" I asked with a dull stare.
A gift to future generations
March 13, 2014
It is always a pleasure to speak to Innovation Matters in Education. This group is dedicated to progressive plans to further the education of a new generation.
Goodbye Caliboro
March 6, 2014
Recently, I was asked to talk at the funeral of a special collegue, an inspiration to me in many fields of endeavor. "It finally happened. Caliboro died."
Rodeo clown, part two
February 27, 2014
"Good afternoon firearms fans. As you know, I was invited here today to speak to you and because of me you are sitting in folded chairs and not on the floor."
Speaking of guns
February 20, 2014
"Good afternoon firearms fans. As you know, I was invited here today to speak to you and because of me you are sitting in folded chairs and not on the floor."
Jobs with significant meanings
February 13, 2014
A recent study shows that 58 percent of people working in North America feel what they do for a living makes the world a better place to live.
Rodeo clown, part one
February 6, 2014
I have had many jobs in my life but the one I disliked the most was being a rodeo clown. I thought being any kind of clown would be exciting and easy work...
An author in search of an audience
January 30, 2014
I am giving pause to the writing of a new play so I thought I would ask the opinion of my readers. Please read the dialogue from Act 1, Scene 1 that I present...
Measure for measure
January 23, 2014
All of us have heard people measure things "on a scale of 1-10." We accept the format, agree with its parameters and judge things by its gauge results.
Coldest spot in the universe identified
January 16, 2014
Astronomers found something. While studying an area they call Boomerang Nebula, they realized it was probably the coldest spot in the universe.
Cataclysm for U.S. cash predicted
January 9, 2014
A couple of guys, Lindsey Williams and Barry Meyer, are predicting a collapse of the American economy, with signs a crash is moving quickly.
The stories of Sam Hill
January 2, 2014
North Americans often refer to Sam Hill in a certain context when exclaiming something. A common replacement for a word that would be considered obscene.
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