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More new metaphysics
Frank Cotolo
June 15, 2017
Once again we report on the evolving art and science of metaphysics in the new millennium. There are fresh thinkers and their voices are resonating throughout the 21st century, shaking the concepts of philosophy's abstruse branches.
We present to you quotes from emerging leaders of the new metaphysics, who have taken the field into a territory never imagined and certainly never illustrated, even with stick figures.
"The wisdom of Yang Chu, though original, still provokes the phrase gesundheit." - Wes Ribbly
"Believe nothing, regardless of the source, with the exception of what your mommy told you." - Cedric Cobolt, Jr.
"Don't buy low to sell high, just get high." - Scoot Charbroil
"Force is energy that does not move in a straight line, even though it comes after thirst." - Francis Welderport
"For all we know, nothing may happen at all. But that would negate what is happening right now." - Joseph Cinardi
"Harmony between thought and reality cannot explain a craving for pizza." - Milos Marino
"Square roots can only multiply mathematic problems." - Quigley Moss
"Nietzsche was peachy." - Brad Hammond
"If the present is pregnant with the future, then today is the father of the child." - Lee Wong Wang
"Death should be avoided at all costs." - Sir Thomas Enterbury
"The perfect order of things does not allow for anything but things." - Rene Boulard
"Women who need women are the luckiest women in the world." - Sally Petronia
"Men insist they are free, yet free men insist they are prisoners of freedom. Yet still, there are prisoners freed whom are chained and shackled because they insist upon it, because freedom without insistence is nothing more than slavery." - Knoxville Phil
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