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Think like a King
Frank Cotolo
August 31, 2017
Larry King's newspaper column once ran in thousands of newspapers. Now it is defunct. I am hoping to fill the void left in its departure by writing some blogs in his unique rat-a-tat-tat style.
Whatever happens to Iraq and other troubled countries in the Middle East may never be settled with anything but violence. But we'll always have that humorous moment some years back when during a press conference an Iraqi threw two shoes at President Bush.
Some people think that roping calves is a cruel sport. They continue to protest while they eat MacDonald's hamburgers.
Elton John and Billy Joel play pianos as well as one another but lock for lock, Elton is far easier on the eye.
Now that a Polar Vortex has affected us all, we have to learn the definition of Vortex.
I don't know about you but I can't wait for the next Winter Olympics, if only to see all those tight outfits on figure skaters. I guess that's why they’re called figure skaters.
In my day, the letters N S A meant No Strings Attached.
If you do the math, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame could soon run out of inductees.
I sure miss Frank Sinatra.
If I were a scalper I could get a million dollars for a ticket just to the half-time show at the next Super Bowl.
You won't find me complaining about gay marriages. As long as they happen between two adults of the same sex, it's all right with me.
I'm wondering... with all the conveniences given to prison inmates, do they have cell phones?
Does anyone out there remember the thrill of reading the Sunday funny papers? I feel sorry for kids today because they will never know Beetle Bailey or Terry and the Pirates.
I'm hoping that one of these famous Rap singers writes a song that doesn't rhyme, just for the hell of it.
Sometimes I sit back and wonder why there was never a comedy movie version of Cyrano de Bergerac with Bob Hope in the title role. Too late now.
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