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Would-be famous movie quotes, part one
Frank Cotolo
October 5, 2017
So many parts from famous films have been edited that it makes film buffs wonder just what may have become famous if the parts cut were left it. Recently, thanks to a friend I have who has access to the movie archives of a once big-time studio, I was able to witness some of the parts edited from famous movies and made a list of great monologue and dialogue that may have become as famous.
The movie was so long it had to be edited but why did the director take out the scene with this great line by Clark Gable as Rhett Butler?
"I've been on the battlefield and I have to say, there is nothing civil about this war."
The famous scene when Raymond is doing amazing math for a doctor and then fails the simplest arithmetic question was edited, leaving out the following clever dialogue:
DR.: Raymond, how much does it cost to buy a house?
RAY: Six dollars, maybe a hundred and six, yeah, a hundred and six, definitely a hundred and six dollars.
DR: Raymond, If you were a millionaire, could you buy a gallon of ice cream?
RAY: No. A gallon of ice cream is a gallon, a measure of liquid capacity.
DR: Raymond, can you use a screwdriver to hammer something?
RAY: Yes, definitely yes, you can hammer with a screwdriver.
DR: Raymond, how much would you have to pay to buy a boat with shipwreck insurance and how much gas would you need to cross the Atlantic.
RAY: Yeah.
DR: Raymond, did you understand the question?
RAY: Yeah.
DR: Can you answer it?
RAY: Yeah, definitely yeah.
DR: Then what is the answer?
RAY: A canoe, Christopher Columbus and movie subtitles.
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