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Guru guides us down the road to wisdom
Frank Cotolo
November 2, 2017
The rarely seen and often quoted Guru Ghadadadadadi recently allowed me to visit him on top of the mountain where he lives until summer when he vacations in Florida. I was blessed with being able to record him saying gems of thought and spiritual value. I transcribed them for readers.
Growing takes place from the inside, hopefully from you own body.
The more good we do for others, the more others will benefit from what we do.
The man who has reached immortality is the man who will live forever, because to die is to stop immortality forever.
Consciousness is a state of mind.
No man should live in delusion, especially he who also denies what is real.
Life is a cosmic play that is much funnier if you get Neil Simon to write some of your dialogue.
The mountain is not holy on its own. That’s the whole saying.
Look into the night sky and you will see that all stars are perfect, even though some are dead but keep shining. Get it?
A hermit goes into the forest, where no man goes, and learns that he can never be alone and that bears can kill him to boot.
All of my solitude is based upon an inner quiet. Plus, I don't really listen when people talk to me, I just nod my head as if I am saying yes, yes.
If you are looking for someone else to make you understand love, the search will only result in misery and let's face it, you can get that on your own too.
If someone commands you to shove something into yourself, be calm and consider it may feel good to do so.
Wander not in search of that which can only be found walking in circles.
Your life is like a leaf and the life of a leaf leaves a lot of lingering. L O L.
Every day of the week is hump day.
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