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Discovering more little-known laws
Frank Cotolo
November 9, 2017
Once again we have discovered laws that many people don't know exist. So, we continue in this blog to reveal some of those awkward laws that are often incredible but unfortunately official.
In Kansas City, Missouri, it is illegal to keep an artist's rendition of Kit Carson under the pillow of your bed.
In Kansas City, Kansas, no one is allowed to drink from a spittoon.
At no time during any Saturday are residents of Baranagar, India allowed to chew on bamboo in public.
Anyone mispronouncing the name of the city of Bat Yam, Israel, specifically pronouncing it as Bat Man, is subject to a fine to be determined by the local authorities.
In Braga, Portugal, there is a fine for wearing a tweed sweater on the beach after dark.
Visitors of the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands must register their bagpipes if they are bringing them into the city with a pet.
Eugene, Oregon readily enforces a law that prohibits the use of arthritis medicine for any other purpose than treating the condition.
In Espoo, Finland, all eye patches must be black unless the owner has written permission from an optometrist to wear an eye patch that is any other color.
Dodoma, Tanzania tourists have to pay a twenty percent tax if they purchase an umbrella from local vendors.
Driving a car in Tunis, Tunisia without shoes will provoke a two week incarceration in a local jail.
You cannot get a haircut in Jacksonville, Florida on the second Sunday of any month.
You can be arrested in Da Lat, Vietnam, for ordering snails in a restaurant.
Citizens of Recklinghausen, Germany, must signal they are turning left even if they are not driving a vehicle before they make the move.
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