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Ask Dr. Wellbottom: muscles and strength
Frank Cotolo
February 22, 2017
Once again it's time to confer with the all-knowing Dr. Adrian Wellbottom. The popular physician and author of 56 books on medical matters that matter to the young and the old, the sick and the poor and others, always takes a fresh yet traditional approach to the health of anyone. In this episode, we ask the doctor about muscles.
Q: I can pick some things up with both arms and they don't feel heavy and other things with both arms and they feel light. Why is that?
Dr.W: Your arms feel heavy or light based on your circulation. Your grammar is wrong or right based upon where you place your pronouns.
Q: The heart is a muscle, right?
Dr. W: Yes and by the way, good guess if you weren't sure before asking.
Q: No matter how much I exercise my leg muscles, the one on the left is weaker than the one on the right. Is that normal?
Dr. W: Exercise doesn't always work the same on all muscles. Some people use performance enhancing drugs on a muscle that doesn't work as well as its companion muscle but I would never recommend that, so don't read into this answer because I mentioned it.
Q: What vitamins are best for muscles?
Dr. W: Muscles don't absorb vitamin nutrition the way organs assimilate their benefits. Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves why those scientists that discovered vitamins used the Arabic alphabet to name them. Really, what were they thinking?
Q: I am very strong for a woman. I can lift my husband over my head with one arm. The strange thing about this is that I am not married. So what do you think of that?
Dr. W: Sounds pleasant.
Q: Are muscles apt to snap for no reason, rendering a person lame and unable to function when performing tasks that test strength and will?
Dr. W: Nope.
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