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The rise of Humpty Dumpty's fall, part two
Frank Cotolo
April 12, 2018
We continue with the list and descriptions of Reginald B. Spacey's collection of studies in his volumes documenting the life and legend of the anthropomorphic egg known as Humpty Dumpty. Recently sold at auction to an unknown billionaire were all Spacey's known Humpty Dumpty volumes, including the following titles and premises:
Courage And Rebellion: The True Intentions Of Humpty Dumpty - Spacey looks at alternative theories concerning the actions of the egg, including psychological reasons he was bent on the famous wall-sitting stunt. In this study, Spacey is meticulous about the damage done to Humpty during his hatching. Spacey speculates that Humpty may have hatched with human arms, thus causing his mother's death.
The Big Wall: Ground Zero For Humpty Dumpty - Spacey explores the history of the wall, including how it was financed using taxes from the poor and how the king had immigrant slaves build it and then deported them. Seeped in political chicanery, the structure that would play a huge role in the egg’s cracking point, is seen as a vital weapon in the battle of the rich and poor.
Cracked And Crazed: The Truth Behind The Lasting Affects Of The Humpty Dumpty Movement - Long after the death of the egg, the scene of his demise was still a meeting place for thousands of followers, a veritable cult that grew from the story that turned into the popular nursery rhyme.
Egged On: How The Institution Cracked The Humpty Dumpty Incident - Spacey wrote about the warped interpretations of the egg's goal from the point of view of his enemies.
The Scrambled Philosophy Of Humpty Dumpty - Spacey tries to think like Humpty and write what could have been the egg's journal that explains his political slant and follow through actions.
Poach The Revolution: The Story Of Humpty Dumpty - This was the tale in great detail of the day of Humpty's death on the wall. It includes all of the characters, each of the king's horses and the king's men and what parts they played in Humpty's last day.
Shellshocked: The Humpty Dumpty Sacrifice - Arguably Spacey's final book, exploring the ramifications in history of Humpty Dumpty's great fall and specifically why the anthropomorphic egg could not be put back together again, despite numerous attempts that began as he cracked open.
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