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More celebrities' last words
Frank Cotolo
May 31, 2018
Unknown to many and not cared about by even more are the last words of celebrities. Some people have obsessed with this strange fact concering personalities from all fields of professional lives. I have spent many hours of my life verifying the last words of famous people. This work could result in a fascinating book or a few volumes of books. Or it may have been a morbid waste of time.
Agrippina the Elder, Roman noblewoman: "I know my son Caligula will be emperor one day, so I am glad I showed him how to truly enjoy guests."
Annie Oakley, sharp shooter: "Bullseye!"
Arthur C. Clarke, author: "Right about now I wish science fiction was real."
Amedeo Avogadre, scientist: "Molecules, molecules, molecules. Now I have no use for them."
Bettie Page, model: "Cheesecake."
Andrew Bonar Law, British Prime Minister: "The sun didn't only set on the British Empire, I have but five minutes until it goes down on me."
Charles Darwin, naturalist: "I'm almost totally devolved."
Che Guevara, revolutionary: "I only hope one day there'll be a t-shirt with my image on it."
Henri Matisse, painter: "Whether you know it or not my death will make no impression upon history."
John Singleton Mosby, the Gray Ghost: "I'm a loser."
Laura Secord, Canadian heroine: "I knew at least one good piece of music would come out of the War of Eighteen Twelve."
Lee Kuan Yew, founder of modern Singapore: "How do you say goodbye in Mandarin again?"
Nostradamus, astrologer, prophet: "I always knew there was no future in this profession."
Muddy Waters, blues singer-songwriter: "When they ask my cause of death, tell 'em I drowned."
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