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Even more last words of the lethally injected
Frank Cotolo
November 1, 2018
In states of America where capital punishment is legal, the preferred method of death is an injection of a lethal substance. This became the precedent in the 1970s. Journalist and author Albert Swing made it his business to record the last words of every person being executed since the injection method began and now has a third volume soon be published that reveals their last words.
Swing's third book does not explain how drugs like pentobarbital and midazolam hypochloride work but he does write that they give victims a few cogent moments to speak before going into a deadly coma. That’s when "people on death row say the craziest things."
The book includes random comments from the last moments of condemned people, such as follows.
"I was here during a time of great despair, mostly by my victims, but soon, you don't have me to kick around any more, so enjoy it."
"The mother ship will be here any time now. I'm ready to board."
"This is unfair, I had tickets to a Broadway show next Tuesday."
"I should never have been a Cleveland Indians fan. I knew it was wrong and would lead to this."
"Who knows how dark it can get when the black curtain falls upon the drama of life? Well, I may find out shortly."
"Oh crap, there goes the part in my hair."
"Cecile, hey, is that you? I hear chains rattling and I want cupcakes, lots and lots of cupcakes."
"I would be sorry for what I did but hey, I'm paying for it so what good is an apology now?"
"Remember what I did that was good. Both things."
"I was just learning to sew, damn it."
"Now my taste is bitter, my tongue swollen from the lies and my chin, well, the cleft told the tale now, didn't it?"
"Goodbye, Columbus."
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