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Remarkable film ideas, part two
Frank Cotolo
March 28, 2019
Having a active personal history in stage, screen and film, I have accumulated volumes of pages briefly describing ideas for movies. They are timeless and may still be addressed by big and small filmmakers. Here are some of my film ideas (sans any titles) from three decades of notes.
A terrorist hijacks The Orient Express and forces it to make local stops.
The goals of a young medical student are compromised when a prostitute offers to be his tutor if he'll be her pimp.
After winning a billion-dollar lottery, an elderly woman buys the world's most expensive tricycle.
Dense Eagle, a Native American living in Chicago, finds a new, exciting use for Viagra.
En route to Spain from New York City, the pilot of a jet decided to smuggle handmade sombreros.
Instead of murder, an organized crime family uses shame as a weapon against enemy families.
The cure for cancer is accidentally discovered by an Amish woman as she is canning homemade grape jelly.
Three divorced men, depressed and drinking heavily, bond in a mutual decision to make monogamy illegal.
Triplet sisters go their own ways after years of touring the country as the World’s Most Feminine Triangle.
An organ grinder dopes his monkey and teaches him to be a pickpocket.
The Invisible Man as seen through the eyes of an invisible man.
Orange pickers in California plot to jump the border and illegally enter Mexico.
In the 1980s, a private eye donates a kidney to a friend who is planning to donate blood to a crippled priest who once abused him as a child.
Two psychics fall in love but don’t enter into a relationship because they can't truly see a future in it.
A criminal Bee Keeper becomes a part of a sting operation.
A Dog Whisperer is accused of influencing a pack of pitbulls to attack insurance salesmen.
In an animated romp, a pack of zany wolves make friends with animals they usually eat, only to starve to death.
A concrete mason smuggles Cuban cigars into the USA with the help of a quick change artist suffering from melanoma.
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