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Another King-like column
Frank Cotolo
May 9, 2019
After years of retirement, radio/TV personality Larry King only appears in TV infomercials. His newspaper column is gone, as are many of the newspapers that ran it. I urge struggling newspapers that a King-like column, filled only with unique gems, could still be a winner. We continue with intermittent blog themes that inform, entertain and honor Mr. King's journalistic jingo.
A war in the Middle East is still raging, though 9-11 is so very far behind us.
It would have been a gas if Edward Norton’s character had turned into The Hulk in "The Fight Club."
No singer who ever sang the song "I Love Paris" liked to be in the city during the summer, when it sizzles.
Most people agree that baseball is a beautiful game but they don’t consider how many trees die to produce the number of bats needed in the major leagues.
Don't you wish there were Olympic Games every year?
NASA takes more photos of distant planets than there are distant planets.
Cable television is going berserk. There are just too many shows.
Lots of people book vacations in the Amazon Jungle, thinking it is the home of the humungous mail-order company.
Professional wrestling often comes off ugly but it does have a sweetness to it after you have seen a few matches.
Fortune, it is written, comes to those with great aspirations. However, failure drops into any life it dam pleases.
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