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My adventures as an FBI agent, part two
Frank Cotolo
May 23, 2019
Now that I can write about it, I want to give my blog readers another glimpse into my other life, that of an FBI agent who risked his life many times out in the field.
Under investigation for a botched drug bust, my FBI status was in jeopardy.
"Mr. Rogotta," said a lawyer assigned to me, "I don't know the charge, so until then I guess you can do your job as an agent."
"That's great news, lawyer. Solving a case may make up for botching the one that got me into hot water."
As I mentioned in part one, the bureau issued me a special wardrobe, a pistol and a code name. I was to be known by fellow agents as Quicksand and I went to my superior in the bureau and said, "Quicksand reporting for another assignment to help me erase the problem I had with my first assignment."
"Yeah, Quicksand," said my superior, whose codename was Macabre, "if you don’t get killed with this new assignment then there is a chance you will have another assignment."
Macabre briefed me and I went right to work getting into a disguise. I went to F B I Makeup and Disguise on the fifth floor. The specialist there told me to wear a handlebar moustache and a pair of thick eyeglsses.
"I can't see through these, specialist."
"That will add to the disguise being genuine," he said.
"How will I know what I am doing?"
"Do you know what you are doing without the thick, ugly glasses?"
"No. So I guess you are right."
The specialist gave me a ratty trench coat and shoulder pads to wear under a corduroy shirt and sent me out. Unfortunately I kept the thick eyeglasses on (I wanted to get used to not being able to see correctly) and it took me the rest of the day to get out of the building.
I was tired, so I went to my apartment to sleep, knowing that the next morning I would begin a perilous assignment that would make me a great F B I agent. be continued.
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