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Francodamus forecasts more in the future
Frank Cotolo
May 30, 2019
As I wrote before, there are some times when a strange and glorious feeling goes through me and suddenly I spurt predictions and, in a hypnotic state of super-semi-consciousness, they are predictions of things to come. Luckily, there is always someone around to document what I say, thus, I present some of the recent predictions from that extra perceptive being called Francodamus...
Some time, and that time may be close to this time, there will not be a duck left on this planet. However, there will still be those little duck call toys to blow into and sound like there are still ducks.
It comes to me in a flash that centuries may not be counted the same way after a few centuries. People will feel that counting by the hundreds is, simply, stupid. So, that kind of counting will stop.
A man with a birthmark on his leg that resembles the London Bridge will become a powerful figure in Ireland and start a movement that attracts thousands of people who swear by his leadership and want to cross over his knee.
This latest forecast mentions a place that does not exist yet. It concerns a family not born yet that will reside in the place that does not exist yet.
The family will be the origin of a bloodline that does not exist yet that will beget more families to live in the place that does not exist yet and on and on until there are more people living in the place that does not exist yet than in any place that already exists.
The future holds many great things that will help mankind continue to exist in this world but the disease called Annapannabobanna is not one of them. Annapannabobanna will originate mysteriously in Russia and become airborne to spread throughout Europe, into the Atlantic Ocean and stop spreading when it gets to in South Boston in the United States. Annapannabobanna will cause all people in Boston to move to Towson, Maryland but Annapannabobanna will not spread in Maryland; it will mysteriously disappear but not before it wipes out thousands in all the places mentioned, including fish in the Atlantic Ocean.
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