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Cities I warmly recall
Frank Cotolo
June 20, 2019
I have traveled to many places but I didn't like them all. There are cities everywhere, however, where I have had great experiences that have warmed the cockles of my heart. Here are some thoughts on those cities, as extracted from my cockles.
An evening in Smith, Oregon, when the moon was full late October stings my memory. She was smaller than I thought because I thought she was taller but I was falling in love and she was not. It did not end well. In fact, she threw rocks at me. What a night.
I spent two days in Watertown, New York, searching for the inspiration that resulted in Frank Sinatra's album about the town. It was a useless time in my life, one with far too little to do. But those two days made me understand that inspiration doesn’t always result in a worthy project.
Montreal, Quebec is a fine place and I recall the mornings most because the train station's restaurants served the finest mashed potatoes I ever consumed for breakfast.
Miami, Ohio was wonderful when I went there, mostly because my visit taught me a fine lesson in life - never compare cities that have the same name because the people in either city will always defend their city as the best of the two.
Hartford, Connecticut, was strange but I remember it for many things that were not strange. The common things I recall are good things, nice things, comfortable things, kind things and serious things. The strange things include a couple living in a garage who swore their names were Scad and Milagawney and that they were starting a circus.
Madison, Wisconsin, people made me feel at home, as if I were a Midwesterner, a homebody, a native. They were warm and friendly and shared many things they owned with me, so it was a surprise when I was about to leave and they handed me a bill.
I loved San Mateo, California. That is where I met Alice. That is where Alice met me. That is where Alice and I married. That is where Alice and I divorced. I never heard from her again.
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