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Son of Confucius, part five
Frank Cotolo
June 27, 2019
Here is more text from the works of Confucius, Jr., a man who demanded to be known publicly as the direct ascendant of his namesake, the perennially quoted Chinese philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period in China, in 447 B.C.
The self-named Confucius, Jr. began to publish hundreds of works that were lost in a wave of public disinterest. The works were found only recently in an archeological dig that discovered the burial site of Kong Li, the first child of Confucius.
Neither you nor I can ever see beyond the horizon. So what?
For each nipple a man owns there are twenty like it in a crowd of restless rebels.
Many a worker complains of blisters, but the product of their weary hands is worthy of the infections they may get.
A doctor heals, an engineer drives, a guide leads, but a man of true spirit gets to rest more often.
Time is like a leaf.
Ordinary is, for some, too common, just as weird is different, for some, who are not ordinary.
Talk not of those who may not talk as much about those who talk about others.
Be the man other men want to become when other men feel they must become another man.
Lies are only truths that do not exist.
If a beggar asks for food, feed him. If a beggar asks to feed him, run for your life.
The rice cooking in your neighbour's home is his family's rice, not your rice.
Seek if you care to find but be careful what you find, it may cause warts. be continued.
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