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Remarkable film ideas, part three
Frank Cotolo
July 4, 2019
Having an active personal history in stage, screen and film, I accumulated volumes of pages briefly describing ideas for movies. They are timeless and may still be addressed by big and small filmmakers. Here are some of my film ideas (sans any titles) from three decades of notes.
Monks rebel at a monastery, taking hostages they threaten to kill unless God shows up to explain why they can not dress with clothing bought from The Banana Republic.
When a Chicago pedestrian witnesses a murder, the killer, who suffers from diabetes, threatens him.
Before giving the Gettysburg Address, President Abe Lincoln wrestles with countless ways to say seventeen seventy six.
American flags suddenly come to life in all states of the U.S. and start a wave of violence.
When a short-order cook refuses to prepare any egg over easy, he is fired, only to seek revenge by slaughtering hens.
Workers in a vineyard discover a strange vine that is growing a jazz quartet.
A scientist struggling to pay his rent invents an anti-landlord spray.
A horse's companionship helps an elderly woman conquer her fear of trusting maps.
Panic spreads in the food business when it is discovered the meat byproduct known as Spam is addictive and causing people to murder for the taste of it.
An historical drama set in the Philippines follows the military lives of two lovers threatened by exploding manila folders.
A corrupt debt collector seduces urban developers into a scheme that includes theft, bigamy, deception, blackmail and a kidney transplant.
Triplets forge a perverted bond when they agree to murder the doctor present at their births.
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