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The art of flirting, part two
Frank Cotolo
August 1, 2019
Flirting has roots in the beginning of man's attempt to conquer a mate. Originally a violent act which is defined by the action of conquering, it took only one or two men of primitive communities to show a softer, more alluring form of flirting to influence others in their caveman neighborhoods.
There are documentations of this written on walls by progressive cavemen to teach conservative cavemen that cavemen didn't have to be violent to get mates. Usually, slow-learning cavemen clubbed those writing on the wall, misunderstanding the scribbling educational drawings for insults.
However, though the clubbed cavemen usually died of crushed brains, their drawings remained on the cave walls and as the ages passed and man became more intelligent, other generations learned that violence did not work as well as the romance of the flirt to get a mate.
It was, though, the Great Castration Era (GCE) of man that put man in a flirtatious mood. Sans his testicles, man began to notice that the object of his affection was more than just a sexual object. That person was a thing of beauty, a walking, talking poem of emotion, wealthy from feminine features that were displayed through the nature of that beast. In other words, tits were one thing but the nape of the neck was another.
The Marquis de Floradora of Spain began to popularize man's art for flirting when he wrote a book that incorporated an instruction manual along with dirty black-line drawings of naughty postures (the latter he added so he was assured to get a male's attention to the text).
The Marquis explained to Spanish men that they, too, had feminine attributes and could use them to attract the opposite sex. He balanced that by explaining that if men were attracted to other men, they should stop reading his book at that point.
Other men with romantic tendencies penned books to inspire male flirtation but the caveman nature of man presided as the main feature of man's quest for a mate. Today, the art of flirting is an industry buried in theory and unsubstantiated beliefs.
Men will be men, after all, unless they want to become women, which is a drastic way and maybe the only way for a male to truly understand the art of the flirt.
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