Column Chronicles
Tales from a Think Tank, part one
Frank Cotolo
August 8, 2019
Some of the greatest minds in this world (their names undisclosed for obvious security reasons) meet annually for a Think Tank (TT) weekend. During the two days and three nights, the men and women ponder ways to provoke a positive future for mankind. They also consume great quantities of Chinese food. Each year lot chooses the setting. In 2019 the Think Tank took place in an undisclosed house located in Wyoming. Here are excerpts from some discussions:
Thinker One: With the climate of the Earth changing at a rapid rate, it would be important to process a balancing plan.
Thinker Two: Where's the hot mustard?
Thinker Five: I don't see how we can affect climate change.
Thinker Ten: Duck sauce? I hate Duck sauce; it's way too sweet for my taste.
T1: I have thought lately about mankind's carbon footprint.
T3: What about it?
T1: It may be obliterated if there is nuclear war.
T5: What if some people survive a nuclear war? They will have carbon footprints.
T3: Perhaps the carbon will transform into another element after massive nuclear exposure.
T2: Oh no, they shorted us Fortune Cookies.
T4: Maybe you miscounted?
T9: I recommend we ignore the climate change and the carbon footprint conversations and discuss the variables in culture that may conspire to form a new human-like species able to recreate itself.
T6: Where in heaven’s name did you come up with a thought like that?
T2: Wait, I did miscount.
T1: We must concentrate on the survivors of the world left when the glaciers melt. be continued.
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