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Tales from a Think Tank, part two
Frank Cotolo
August 15, 2019
Some of the greatest minds in this world (their names undisclosed for obvious security reasons) meet annually for a Think Tank (TT) weekend. During the two days and three nights, the men and women ponder ways to provoke a positive future for mankind. They also consume great quantities of Chinese food. Each year lot chooses the setting. In 2019 the Think Tank took place in an undisclosed house located in Wyoming.
Here are more excerpts from discussions:
Thinker Ten: On a dare, who wants to come up with an alternate Big Bang Theory?
Thinker Nine: You know that made me think of an entirely different subject just by changing one letter.
Thinker One: Which?
T9: The last letter. We could make it the Big Band Theory.
T2: That would mean a reinstatement of musical units including many instrumentalists.
T4: And a celebrity leader who arranges the music and gets his name first on the band's title.
T3: What do you mean by his name? It could be a woman during a modern Big Band era.
T1: Why didn't anyone order spare ribs? They're the only meat the Chinese serve on a decent bone.
T5: Next time you hire the caterer.
T7: The Elizabeth Eddery Orchestra would be a good name for a woman-engineered Big Band.
T6: I don't know her. Who's she?
T7: She's no one. I made up the name.
T2: What a concept; a fictional woman bandleader in a new era of Big Bands. The culture of pop music would change forever.
T1: We are all out of Wonton soup? How did that happen so early in the weekend? be continued.
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