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Getting respect means earning respect
Frank Cotolo
August 29, 2019
Do you wonder sometimes, if not always, why people don't respect you? If so, you must understand that respect is not free, it must be earned.
Perhaps you are not earning respect because you make don't know how to earn it. Here are some things you should never do while trying to earn respect.
In a conversation about anything, never bring the subject back to yourself, no less make a comment about how much more interesting talking about you is than the original subject.
You will never get respect, even if you are being super smart, if you stop to pick your nose.
Avoid interrupting people in a public bathroom, especially when washing your hands.
Do not dance like no one is looking.
When quoting a famous author, don't degrade that person by saying you happen to know that in his or her personal life they liked to wear diapers for the fun of it.
If someone asks you for directions, be sure you know the destination where they intend to arrive using any directions you give them. No one respects going somewhere they did not want to go because the directions were inaccurate.
If someone politely asks you if he or she can eat something off of your plate at a restaurant, never disguise your voice if you refuse to share.
When you pay someone money you owe them, always say thank you but never follow that with the phrase "but next time don't be so difficult agreeing to give me money."
Smiling is not always appropriate. Try not smiling if you are at a funeral, no matter what funny thought comes into mind.
Make people know that you are apt to be wrong now and then, especially when trying to identify the face of a known criminal.
When someone is excited to tell you an idea he or she has, listen carefully and then nod your head and say, "All right." Don't ever punctuate your opinion by spitting a wad of snot on the ground.
Even if you are insecure, let people find out for themselves. It is bad for you to say you are insecure because it will always sound like you are making an excuse for your true state - stupidity.
People respect honesty. However, you will earn no respect telling someone he or she looks like a pet you once owned that died of multiple tumors.
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