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My adventures as an FBI agent, part three
Frank Cotolo
September 5, 2019
I continue now with another glimpse into my other life, that of an FBI agent who risked his life many times out in the field.
After receiving a disguise from the official F.B.I. Makeup & Disguise Department, to be worn during my first perilous assignment, I slept with it on. The next morning it was ruined, all soggy and wrinkled, so I tossed it out and decided to go on assignment with my own face and clothing.
I used the code name the Bureau assigned me - Quicksand - and with only one lead I hit the street and followed every angle it insinuated. That lead was a place called Little Jimmy's Granulated Coffee Shop. It was on East West Street, which crossed North South Street, downtown near Bum's Row, directly aside from Whore's Corner, to the left of The Poorhouse.
I went inside and asked for Little Jimmy.
"He ain't here," said a small man with eyeballs like marbles and one ear missing.
"Where'd he go?" I asked.
"Who?" said the small man with eyeballs like marbles and one ear missing and a hacking cough.
"Little Jimmy."
The small man with eyeballs like marbles, one ear missing, a hacking cough and a ruptured windpipe leaned forward and said, "That does it, rube, I quit." He handed me his Social Security card and walked out the front door.
After that I knew my lead was solid. Little Jimmy was the key to whatever I was supposed to do. However, still unaware of what I had to do made the assignment even more perilous.
What if, I thought using all of my might, there is no Little Jimmy? Or if Little Jimmy turns out to be Big? Or if Jimmy is not short for James? Or if granulated coffee became a trend and suddenly there were hoards of people coming to the shop and all of them gave me their Social Security cards? There were so many possibilities, all of them filled with peril. I shuttered, I shivered and I sank into my seat. be continued.
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