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Even more notes from my diary, in no particular order
Frank Cotolo
September 12, 2019
May 2 - There was a pony on my porch this morning. It was white and it just stood there like it was supposed to be there, like it was delivered for me to own and care for and love. At least that’s how I felt until a man drove up in a large car with a trailer and escorted the pony into the back of the trailer. The man smiled when he got back into the car and drove away with the pony. That's when I knew it was not my pony.
June 17 - I wanted to celebrate D-Day today, not on the anniversary date early in June. However, no one wanted to come with me to the nearest beach and run from the ocean onto the sand, recreating the landing in France by allied soldiers.
Nov. 4 - Ermaline called me this evening. She was incoherent, making sounds like a broken bicycle and then she began to cry just before she hung up the phone.
That was the end of a day filled with strange scenes. One other had to do with a pork chop and a kitten that refused to jump over it. Another included a neighbor in my apartment complex begging me to teach him to sing like the late Glen Campbell.
April 24 - I am in love again.
I met a woman and she bedazzled me. It wasn't her juggling roses from the thorn stems that did it, either; it was her ability to know what I was thinking a full four minutes before I even thought it. And it was her hair, which flowed from the top of her head down over her ears and brushed her shoulders. That was normal for most women with long hair but her hair changed colors as it brushed along her shoulders. Plus, this woman had a tattoo on her elbow, indicating that only other people should look at it. That tattoo, though I had never met the woman before the day I fell in love with her, looked exactly like my first crayon drawing of a drawbridge.
Dec. 5 - What a boring day.
Dec. 30 - New Year's Eve is approaching and I don't have a party to attend. I thought of crashing one but I believe that is now against the law in this state. I'm thinking of buying a bottle of Dewer's and hanging out in the side ally of the Department of Motor Vehicles when the clock strokes midnight.
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