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Remarkable film ideas, part four
Frank Cotolo
September 26, 2019
Having an active personal history in stage, screen and film, I have accumulated volumes of pages briefly describing ideas for movies. They are timeless and may still be addressed by big and small filmmakers. Here are some of my film ideas (sans any titles) from three decades of notes.
A popular Siamese-twins act during the days of Vaudeville decides to split up.
A circus clown diagnosed with a brain tumor strives to work his debilitating behavior into his act.
Two anthropologists travel into the Brazilian rain forest where they are forced to convert to Judaism.
Love strikes a couple that meet under strange circumstances in a rickshaw.
Kinsey meets Nostradamus in this wild farce about a scientist who can predict the time and place where orgies will be located.
History repeats itself when Christopher Columbus sails again and discovers South America.
When the state of Illinois bans saxophones, a popular jazz club is forced to sell auto parts to stay in business.
An ordinary dock worker dreams of owning a sailboat that can fly.
A documentary of the American Revolution as narrated by a man that stutters badly.
Two NASA scientists quit the space program when they learn the mission control areas will no longer allow smoking.
An Eskimo family moves to Bermuda when their igloo is hacked.
The owner of a Waffle House merges his restaurant with a nearby Dunkin Donuts to battle illiteracy.
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