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Diets may be dangerous to your health, says new book author
Frank Cotolo
October 24, 2019
Lots of people are overweight and all of them should seriously consider going on diets to lose weight. Obesity may kill a person, especially if they are too big to live more due to excessive weight.
Still, diets may be as dangerous as being obese. That's true. Even though shedding tens of pounds will help you get through a doorjamb with ease, the kind of diet you had to lose those pounds may be lethal enough to kill you.
Death by Diet is a new book by seasoned dietician Wormly Plank, who has studied diets throughout the world and himself lost and regained hundreds of pounds.
"I was near death from various diets many times," says Plank. "They always seemed successful until all of a sudden I became sick, so sick that I may have died due to dieting."
Plank, who says the only way to lose all the weight that is no good for you is to die and decompose, claims that diets keeping you alive are the best diets, even if you don't lose all of the weight you would like to lose.
"I studied how people eat in countries where people get fat and I studied how people eat in countries where people stay thin."
"I learned that the people who get fat eat way more than the ones who don't get fat, no matter what country they live in at the time they diet."
Plank shuns the notion that eating fatty foods makes you fat. He writes in the book that if a person eats fatty foods and still eats sufficient portions of fruit, he or she can maintain a healthy weight.
"If you eat fatty foods, you can supplement them with three times the portions of fruit and that will negate all that may hurt you from eating fatty foods. You will not gain a pound. You may, however, constantly experience nausea from mixing all of those fatty foods with all of that fruit. But all diets have consequences."
Recent studies, says Plank, reveal that sixty percent of the people who die while dieting make up eighty percent of the people dieting that die.
"It's a remarkable statistic," he says. "We all need to pay attention to how we feel when we diet because diets should not kill people, even though the word die is three-fourths of the word diet."
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