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Emotional Intelligence is measured in new study
Frank Cotolo
January 2, 2020
Recently, a study was devoted to a specific form of human intelligence, which is represented by emotional behavior. By no coincidence, then, it is called EI, or, Emotional Intelligence (EI).
Professor Ird Milkaloy, who led study, said, "We know we have good subjects when a prospective participant refuses by screaming or throwing an object that can shatter into many pieces against the wall. That's a dead giveaway signifying low EI."
Here are some other low EI signs the study reveals.
When a person has no problem ending a friendship, job, or romance, the person has low EI. The ease of disconnecting is usually accompanied by making no statement or reasons when leaving. A warning sign to the other party, though, is an apathetic tone of voice when saying the word "Goodbye."
If a person thinks in extremes, it signals low EI. When someone describes opinions in only two ways - "That's good" or "That's bad," that is bad.
When a person does not have empathy, a near-zero EI rating is predictable. Apathy towards a fellow human being is associated with EI as a natural element unless a person only feels it for his or her bookie.
When a person does not talk about his or her feelings, that person is ashamed of expressing emotions, which is a symptom of low EI and a clue to physical trauma probably caused in the first trimester before birth.
When a person thinks no one is paying attention to them and yet is never truly ignored, low EI is measured. For instance, anyone who has not gotten this far in the article has low EI.
Professor Milkaloy said, "Sometimes I cry when I see any movie about the Titanic and I get angry when I see Matt Damon in so many movies and I tell my friends and family each time these things come up. My EI rating is through the roof, which should be the normal rating. Now get out of my office."
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