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Questionable quotes
Frank Cotolo
February 27, 2020
It is not easy to say something wise and brief but a lot of people try. All of the best quoted lines are credited to people who knew what they said imparted inspiration. Still, the annals of wisdom are filled with quotes that are so useless no one wants credit as their source. We offer you some of those below, just in case you find them worthy enough to take credit for them.
Nothing divides as much as division.
No heart is strong enough that it can ruin a ukulele tune.
If only Jack was smart enough to find a shorter candlestick.
Who knows where the sun shines best?
Damp is wet, wet is soaked, dry is dry.
Never turn away from an impulse, especially when it feels wrong.
Blood is thicker than walnuts.
Desire is three-fourths lust and two-thirds love.
You can lead a horse to water but you can't milk it there.
Learn, organize, create, and do other stuff, too.
A human cannot die while dreaming but a human's dream can die while awake.
Something always has to happen somewhere.
Trouble is nobody's middle name.
You cannot curb your enthusiasm on the street of dreams.
Never say never unless you mean forever.
Vote for the voice you hear best and accept the consequences.
Two's company, three's a corporation.
Every man is an island but no man is a continent.
The world keeps going around but you need to stand still once in a while.
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