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More brain scramblers for the advanced
Frank Cotolo
September 3, 2020
Who does not love a good riddle? Now and again we will host some fun but perplexing tests of our readers' mental abilities with good, old-fashioned brain scramblers. We warn you, these are tough. Write to us for the answers.
If you take me and you toss me I will bounce but not crack, I will soar but not hover and I will drop but not crack. I have three sides but not during daylight. My underside shines. My handles are pretty. What am I?
If you multiply three by five, subtract half of what remains, insert zeroes between the first two digits and then add your numerical age, what number comes up is divisible only by six. What number is that?
Ned leaves the train station at three in the afternoon. Fred takes a taxi to the same destination headed to by Ned when Ned leaves the train station at three in the afternoon. Fred pays the cab driver twice as much as the fare will cost to prompt the cab driver to go twice as fast as it allowed by law so as to get to the same destination that Ned intends to visit by leaving the train station at three in the afternoon. How long does it take for Ned to realize that he cannot leave the train station to get on a train?
Mild at dawn, rough at dusk, I roll with the punches but never cuss. There are two to the left of me and naught in front, but from behind I am seen clearly. Who am I?
If a piano is tuned to perfect C and a violin plays in the flat of E, in what key must the trombone play?
Sixteen years before Nell is born, Wally is already twenty years old. Nell grows at twice the normal rate until she is ten and Wally begins to grow older at half the rate Nell grows. How old are they if they meet when Wally is sixty seven?
If no man is an island, under what circumstances can a man be a Cul-de-sac?
Turn left when you see me but not around when you do not. Lift your arms up and shake a tail feather when you dance with me but never change your stance. Grow tired without me and be courageous with me. Who am I?
If you move to the left forever, what right have you?
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