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Things I think
Frank Cotolo
February 11, 2021
My mind is always working, thought not to my benefit. That is, I am given to so many thoughts about so many things that as hard as I try I am unable to document them all. Of course, some are meaningless but so many have a quality that I swear I should remember, so I jot them down.
I decided that this year, over the course of a few blog posts, I will document some of the things I think and share them with readers.
The term "skyscraper" is poetic. For one, there are no "groundscrapers" at all, unless you consider every building, high or not, scrapes the ground. Besides, the word "scraper" is not an architectural term. Amazing, too, is that people who hate poetry accept calling tall buildings skyscrapers.
Some people who are successful with crossword puzzles are themselves puzzling. Not all of them have a great vocabulary and yet if you give them two or three letters that are part of a word, no matter how long the word, they find the complete. I wonder if they ever considered that a talent like that could have or should have a greater purpose?
I have lived in cities and rural parts of a few countries but I must have arrived or left too late or too early to have played a role in the history of those places.
Any time I get an urge to purchase a lottery ticket I pinch myself very hard, until it really hurts, and the pain allows me to relate buying a lottery ticket to an unpleasant feeling. Then I do not buy the ticket, which is good.
I cannot eat fish because I always think about where they lived, underwater, and how it is filthy and disgusting. I never think about chickens that way. I love eating chickens. Maybe because they live above sea level, where I live, and that is, somehow, all right.
Why isn't a shoehorn able to produce notes?
Sometimes I go to sleep and do not go to bed. When most people say they go to bed, they mean they go to sleep, even if they did not go to sleep in a bed.
There is no monetary value for "Fake Estate," but plenty of financial worth in the real stuff.
It seems stupid to me that a person speaking English says goodbye and a Spanish-speaking person says adios and they mean the same thing.
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