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Best books for summer reading
Frank Cotolo
June 24, 2021
Though it may be only my opinion, the following books are highly suggested for reading this summer. Age appropriate genres are included.
Hell Devils Return To Earth
By Samantha Violin
Although the novel does not say why the Hell Devils left Earth, it details their return for various reasons that affect all of humanity. The author weaves a remarkable tale including characters that are deep, complex and often wet.
The Big Bombastic Thing
By Rudy Menthol
"We are all captives of the twine and synthetic atmosphere," says a character in the opening scene of this book, which is a metaphor and a symbolic drama that turns on a dime and reveals an entirely different outlook on racism and being a shoemaker in the new millennium.
Sharp Eyes See The Point
By Eddy Edifiace
A rock star's journey through his peak nights of performing while having an addiction to LSD eye drops, a concoction of lysergic acid diethyl amide and crushed red pepper. His lyrics are vivid descriptions, like his girlfriend dancing while painting herself with honey mustard, a chimpanzee eating six million peas individually and making love to Whoopi Goldberg at Easter mass in a Kansas church.
By Geraldine Duck
The classic nursery rhyme of three men sharing a tub becomes complicated and unexplainably intelligent as the author stages scenes concerning the male trio wanting to share a tub to bathe. The 14th century characters go from being respected people until the revelations of their disrespectable behavior. Along with the transgender theme about the "men" in the tub that were really female maids comes the absurdity of how they are persecuted for their true identities. Few, if any, history-based novels have courageously presented the "rub-a-dub-dub" rhyme with the impact Duck describes, never swaying from the deep horrors the butcher, baker and candlestick maker endure to become three men in a single tub. This is a read worth reading twice and then memorizing, no less using as a guide to growing into adulthood.
Early Man
By R. U. Emasculated
Our perceptions of mankind are based on decrepit pieces of people dug up after centuries of decay. Yet, these figures are claimed to have had moments of brilliance which multiplied enough times to become the kind of human who invented the Yo-Yo. Questions surround the roles of the sexes in this volume of extraordinary revelations. Though based on speculation, the author's questions all demand answers. Like, why did a human invent a device to whip food? How come tongue kissing is credited to the French? Did prehistoric men and women share cave work?
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